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Glass Blooper Pack


Each purchase includes:

  • 3 random borosilicate glass blooper straws.
  • 1 cotton pouch
  • Size & color vary depending on availability. Regular sized, smoothie sized, and/or boba sized straws may be given, but the quantity of each size/color are random based on what's currently available and cannot be guaranteed that you will get both sizes.

Blooper pack information:

  • Blooper straw packs were created to minimize waste. Why throw away something that still works?
  • Imperfect straws can entail cosmetic flaws such as scratches and other small flaws
  • Blooper straws are still fully functional
  • Please note that blooper straws are not purposely produced and are only in stock when we come across imperfect straws that are still fully functional. There is no way to predict when blooper straws will be in stock.

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